What Happened to the Blog?!

First, an apology to anyone who has been watching this space over the past 18 months. I initially fell off of schedule of the blog due to losing someone close to me. When time came to return to the project my outlook on it had changed. While the radical democratization of information that came along with developing technologies is empowering, it brings along with it a new set of obstacles and downfalls. As they say in the funny pages, “With great power comes great responsibility.” While I found it cool and exciting to find my writings referenced elsewhere on the web it also troubled me that my opinions and personal experiences were being presented as fact. While the blog served its purpose, in keeping me connected to my community during the transition to a new home, it has outlived its usefulness. I may some day find new uses for this, but in the meantime will be restructuring my web page to provide outlets for other formats of my writing. In the meantime stay tuned for exciting impending news.