Staring Underwater From Up The Sun

A Cut Up Narrative of a Dream Review in Three Movements
Inspired by Tait McKenzie


I: Exposition


What is it? Who really knows?  It surrounded by boxes crammed with artifacts
had a name long past, as are the pipe as I sat in the armchair across from him
life into this world.  Others claim it is smiled despite the question: he always placed
his head in the heavens, the tears of his up, last night.  I see, he took a long drag, I sup
were still stars to see.  It supposedly of the girl myself, but I’m just a picky old fool
Islands and the edge of the see, its workings of young hearts.  But that’s neither
stories spiral up to the clouds.  The man I tragedy?  Relieved actually.  Good, he stood
longed to Tomas, the only man to have shelf, healthy detachment is ideal for a swift
it seems, have revealed a long in no time, or after your face heals.  I, I told
one valuable in the annals of history warned you not to meddle; some just need to
new Encyclopedia.  That reminds me, save you from a world of pain.  Thanks, I break
the window was a book, Visions of the homegrown herbs, the minty smell calming
that name mean anything to you? thoughts I suddenly remember, the tower.
No never heard of him, did you get gone dreaming to the North Shore, and while
stared at me blankly, then let loose a roar you about, casting off red beams of light. Hmm
You better get right back down there, I’m not surprised though he exhaled several
his window he knows someone will come my usual sources were useful so I had to stick
back.  Godspeed, Will.  belong. But that’s also neither here nor there.
about that witch Persephone.  No, we he pulled from his coat pocket a rough
I was afraid she’d ruin you, that cent piece. On one side was engraved a serpent
how stupid.  I ran into her earlier and I could sit and write and hopefully make
way to get you to come.  Damn I’m awkward it’s okay you didn’t know I began
start tonight.  I salute your courage it I chapter nine
your patience astounds me, he put road street regaining its usual solitude.  I
there, and if she tries to lay a hand on you lop my boots.  The building soon
lop her flying fists, I pointed at the bruise, posing as I penetrated the depths of the
seep over his eyes.  That bitch.. well, it’s into the street, where they might fall to
to see which way the threads weave.  I morphed into each other, finally breaking
of his coffee and stood up, gotta go get the small shops withstood the onslaught of
across the room he grabbed Jolie the city’s military headquarter.  I walked
laughing from the cafe. Apophen, spelled in flickering blue neon
heart for dreams now, and turned the counter and sat by the terminal by the
sat on plush stools, another flyer, in a corner of the window
she wiped the inside of a yellow mug, but it, Will, Jolie placed a mug on the table
maybe too much for your own good and into the network


II : Climax


An ashtray. I glowing against
slipping loose again  How to express it
was that red glow you intensity that warped my
it out.  I don’t know  But relationship to everything else?
for what they myself, though that doesn’t get
and all that but I didn’t Halloween, that I couldn’t stop
I whispered, wondering if they as a pivotal moment in the the novel
matter this isn’t what we need to eyes as, I think I’ve mentioned before
in the frail illumination she moments so conscientious and intense
had the same eyes.  But I am curious, you, telling me about a trip he’d had right
always so…disturbing? Shouldn’t campus book store at a party with their
clenched teeth, her blues flaring into a Kurt Vonnegut with John when, going for
your logs on the network, and none of through the revolving door, into another version
the significance of Now’s song title 32 wanted to look away, but saw, as I did then,
the ever occurring 23.  I told her the form, that this time around I recognized as
our daily ives, but that 23, I mean 32 liquid metal and flaring light. I shuddered
Flip came up with. Lucia told me, remembering, seeing it clearer than any
relationship hinged around body at her feet then started to retrace
she should read the Illuminatus time, wondering as I did, what dark elusive
last year trying to define, this time I’d
meet Phoebe for dinner, but started to fight.
end of our driveway, locked out
after sharing some recent Hal confirmed he had a room
the world, our paths our before he went out street hopping
other’s experiences, we (by imperceptible drizzle, and
in the fridge concrete) wondering who or what
seriousness Pipi’s keep most vendors and
they were or avatring until the
around talking Shore, and I’d have to
out a pleasant walk
told keep thinking.


III : Resolution


Lovemaking she would tell me to it not being on me, and my gut tells me that I first edition of Prospero’s Encyclopedia  though may just be guilt and unsurity acting throme with pride were preserved in a safe, but know either way unless I ask her.  Which I do not accurate known to dream travelers and fetched too virtuous to not help carry whatever burden lest dancing flames across this etched world, as afford it, and would not look forward to another hat only Herman could help me find.  Only he, Gods, why is it always one thing after another, I pushed open the door and saw standing, on that the Mars Rover stopped transmitting ten cascades down her back.  She and Fannon darkness of space.  Not even listening to Tones flowing and pulsing on the counter, and as I desperately poured through the poetry books in saw me.  I found myself staring into twin whirlpools some words that might comfort, that might sustain and threaten to pull me into their brittle, might tell me who Rilke cries out, in Stello shame or fright, but only to see on the Elegies that I eventually opened, would hear moaning, I read the words, wake up.  Suddenly beauty (as I am seeking) is but the beginning swim around me as it had in my ex’s dream endure because it serenly distains annihilation, bottoming well of the sky.  Gradually I felt the read, saying, yes, almost holding my breath an palms, and I looked up but the girl had vanished then came upon the passage: don’t you know ghost.  I think I did.  Nah, Herman let out a gruff into the spaces we breathe: perhaps the birds vainless, I’ve been seeking one for months now.  passionate flying.  And as best I could, I tried, I’ll reckon she’s as tangible as the rest of us breath? But he just shrugged and ran a gnarled Staring at the Sun from Under this enormous beard, as Fannon’s dome was as I pushed past the moth eaten curtain-in-name, homes in about as often as you, asks lots, water was set to boil on the small camp stove, something interesting from her research.  Quite a joker had spray painted the word the glow of stretlamps over closer I noticed the letters ANT throngs milled down the monicker of some local gang of some dark lit shop or to talk to beady eyes peered through the crack.  Der streetlamps.  I fell into their so I could squeeze past him into the ill and Publishing, where a new sign?  Well, I can’t complain, but I will to the Fifth Edition of the Encyclopedia again, got all the landlines.  Oneria, changed maps, newly his connection for work, but those rotten dreams, enquire within.  IN breaking around the walls, singing to each other Of The Tower, a book of poetry in some you sleep deeply, they love the door was locked.  Prospero was out to small beady eyes over a pinched nose stumbled into me, his face shadowed cigarettes making my eyes water, and was gone.  Savory odors.  I suppose you want to ream of bodies, the conveyor belt which looked like nothing but a case and fumbled through a ring of keys.  a glance in the window revealing that hovel.  The apartment was an oblong future, buying up all obscure dream objects by the walls and ceiling that seemed today was a set of crystal nesting in I noticed an actual window set high in internally lit project diagrams of squat radiator, stove and fridge all mythically crafted by Jonathon Tomas, don’t intend to cook any feasts, Hals death.  How Fannon for it was beyond the layers of dirt in the floor I could tell up the heavens yet.  Behind these were pairs of animal tracks.  The rats must think artificer had generously donated.


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