Press Here And It Will All Make Sense novel, 2015 Inked Letter Union. ISBN: 9781508690849

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It is also available on paperback through all Amazon portals.

Poetry: After a 7 year self imposed moratorium on poeming, new works can be found here under my “Poems All Sizes” tab. I’ve also been featured by the good people at Walking Is Still Honest Press: http://wishpoetrypress.net and am hypothetically going to be in several forthcoming anthologies, but more on that when they are published. Previous works are mentioned below. I have surely forgotten or misplaced several reviews where pieces appeared.


 Beneath the Bumrush: an Anthology of Voices That Demand to be Heard anthology curated by. TBA Publications 0028, July 2005. oop

 Souls on Tilt TBA Publications 0026, May 2005. oop

 Defecating to the Oldies: Selected Works 1999-2004 TBA Publications 0024, 2005. oop

 The Terrible Pomes vol 1 TBA Publications 0022, January 2005. oop

The Birds of Brazil and Other Lost Loves TBA Publications 0017, June 2004. oop

 Kicks, Dumpsters, Darkness TBA Publications 0012, Jan 2002. oop

The Tao of Greensboro: a Scene Report in 62 Haiku collaboration with Etta Cetera, Summer 2001. oop

 Tracks vol: 1-6 TBA Publications Dec 2000- May 2001. oop


 Monongahela Vaudeville 2011, collaboration with John Thomas Menesini https://tbarecords.bandcamp.com/album/monogahela-vaudeville

Chesterfield Symphony Orchestra 2002, reading of America (Part Three) included as a bonus track. I could repost this whole thing on band camp, but who doesn’t love a time machine: http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/chesterfield/



Articles contributed to: Encyclopedia Destructica, Coffee Magazine, Street Rat Bag, and Pizza Monthly, and possibly elsewhere.